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Air Freight & Air Cargo Shipping Services Worldwide

When your urgent or time sensitive consignments absolutely must reach their destination in the fastest possible time, air freight forwarding is often the most appropriate means of transport.

That’s when you need to know that your shipment is going to be in safe hands and will receive a dedicated and personalised service from door-to-door.

At Kautt & Bux Logistics we pride ourselves on providing a range of fast, efficient end-to-end solutions, tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you require ‘next flight out’ or ‘deferred forwarding’ options, through our network of global partners, we provide you with a seamless and integrated worldwide service.

Because we strive to fully understand our customers’ business needs, we recognise that what you want is to have your shipment collected and be completely assured that it will reach its destination safely and in a timely and efficient manner. Through our professional service, we ensure exactly that, leaving you free to concentrate on what you know best…your business.

At Kautt & Bux Logistics our air freight customer benefit from:

  • A reliable, efficient and friendly personal service.
  • Direct air freight and air cargo shipments - next flight out & deferred shipping.
  • Consolidated air freight – air transport to all major destinations.
  • Door-to-door and door-to airport - any weight to any international destination.
  • Import courier service.
  • Worldwide Agency Network
  • Complete Documentation, labelling & marking.
  • Import & export Customs Clearance.
  • Local Ground transportation & secure warehousing.
  • Pick-pack-ship service.
  • Insurance options available.
  • Customs clearance at all major UK airports.


Ancillary Air Freight Services:

  • Documentation Services (Certificates of Origin, Letters of Credit etc…)
  • Cross trade services – Deliveries from one country to another without the goods moving via The UK.
  • Express deliveries UK / Worldwide
  • Track and trace direct reporting.


For a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution to your urgent freight deliveries give our Air Freight Team a call now. We take the worry out of your time sensitive deliveries.

Sea Freight Services

At Kautt & Bux Logistics we have a wealth of experience in the handling of Sea Freight and can provide you with a flexible and reliable one-stop-solution to suit your specific needs.

Sea Freight is one of the oldest established methods of transporting goods worldwide and also one of the most cost-effective. Whilst Air Freight might be your first choice for time-sensitive shipments, if transit time is not as urgent, Sea Freight can provide you with the perfect, reliable and economical solution.

Even if you run a smaller business, you might not have typically considered Sea Freight as a viable option for your needs, as it is usually seen as a solution for larger companies shipping higher volumes of freight. However, our personalised and flexible service can make the transporting of smaller shipments, personal effects or excess-baggage a very viable option.

We aim to make our service as flexible as possible for businesses of all sizes and offer a range of options to fit in with your budget and business requirements. Just some of the range of services we provide are:

Door to Destination-port Services

  • A one-stop solution where we collect directly from you and deliver your shipment to your sea freight carrier - there is no need for you to arrange a separate freight forwarder.
  • We ship from any major UK seaport giving you worldwide reach whatever your location.


Port to Port Services

  • Simply drop off your goods at one of our receiving centres where they will be processed and loaded onto container vessels.
  • Our friendly Customer Services Agents will be happy to advise you on the necessary documentation to attach with your goods.


Full or Part Loads

  • Full Container Load Sea Freight (FCL) utilises 20ft and 40ft Ocean Containers to ship a variety of goods ranging from palletised cargo, to personal household goods or even motor vehicles.
  • Less than Container Loads (LCL): for smaller sized shipments we can consolidate your goods into a small container.


Customs Clearance and Documentation

  • We support and advise on all required documentation, including shipping labels, Customs Invoice (Packing List) and Bill of Lading.
  • Our dedicated freight team are always on hand to ensure that you have a smooth and worry-free experience shipping your consignment.


If you would like to know more about our services or find out how shipping by Sea Freight can make great commercial sense for your business, why not give us a call?

Our experienced team will listen closely to your needs and give you honest no-nonsense advice on the most suitable and most economical options available.

Road Freight

If you want to get your goods from A to B quickly, easily and with as little red tape as possible, moving your consignments the ‘good old-fashioned way’ by road makes perfect sense. At Kautt & Bux we have a range of flexible, reliable and efficient overland offerings covering both the UK and the Continent.

Our door-to-door road service offers the following advantages:

  • A cost-effective solution to your business’ transport requirements.
  • Pick-up and delivery door-to-door.
  • Minimal statutory requirements and red tape.
  • Minimal Administration.
  • Both Import and Export services available.


Whether you are looking to ship in bulk, or as a smaller business want to forward smaller loads, our extensive network of distribution partners, allow us to offer:


Your load is picked up by our distribution network and consolidated onto UK or International trucks. Because our Groupage dispatches run through fixed routes, you can benefit from high frequency, regular departures, providing the shortest possible transit times.

  • European Groupage: On average our Trans-Europe services run to a three to five-day delivery timeframe.
  • Domestic Groupage: Intra-UK or deliveries to adjacent countries run to an average 24 to 48-hour timeframe.


Part Load

For part loads the same dedicated vehicle will collect, transport and deliver your shipment. By by-passing the transit or distribution terminals commonly utilised for Groupage shipments, delivery times can typically be shortened by up to 24 hours and costs are noticeably lower.

Full Load

Simple economies of scale make our Full Load services the most cost-effective of all our shipping options. Full load shipments utilise the same direct transportation as our Part Load shipments and benefit from the same enhanced transit times. They also benefit from access to a greater range of routes to even the more remote parts of the Continent.

For more information about our Road Transport Services just give our dedicated Road Transport Team a call. We will be happy to advise you on the most judicious and most economical ways to get your shipments to their final destination in the shortest possible timeframe.

Dedicated Vehicle

Our 24-hour 7 days-a-week dedicated Trans-European service (including Switzerland and Norway) offers you a premium option to meet your stretched deadlines.

Our expert knowledge and experience in European deliveries means that we can provide a smooth and reliable expedited service to help you meet your time-sensitive commitments.

  • Best route calculated on booking.
  • Satellite tracking for live updates.
  • Door to Door service.


Why not call us now to see how we can help your business meet its deadlines?

What you WON’T get is a hard sell and the usual sales babble.

What you WILL get is good, honest advice and the best quotes available!

Courier Services

Smaller Goods?

If you need to ship smaller goods, or distribute batches made up of smaller goods, then you may find that our Courier Service fits the bill perfectly.

Perfect Fit for your Needs

At Kautt & Bux we provide you with a fast and cost-effective, end-to-end solution to moving your goods. We collect your package directly from your premises and it remains securely within our network until delivery.

Our Service

Above all, we offer complete peace-of-mind. Just contact us, we collect and we deliver…and that’s it. Our network works hard on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

  • Seamless and dependable door-to-door solution.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Network of local agents to offer flexible delivery options.
  • Both Import and Export services available.
  • Single package or consolidated batch services.
  • Secure warehousing and pick-pack-ship.
  • Fast and Cost-effective service.

On-Board Courier (OBC)

For your most time-sensitive and valuable shipments our on-board-courier service is an unbeatable option to ensure the fastest and most secure worldwide delivery possible.

Your shipment will be collected directly by our OBC and be conveyed personally onto the first available outbound flight. During transit we will update you with a current Estimated Time of Arrival and once delivered, we will contact you directly with a proof of delivery.

Our peerless OBC service guarantees that whatever your commitments, we ensure that you can fulfil them…each time, every time.

On Hand to Help

Our dedicated Courier team have a customer focussed, proactive approach and are always available to help. Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements and let us take the worry out of your courier distribution needs?

On Board Courier (OBC)

Our On Board Courier Service (OBC) is a premium and completely bespoke service dedicated to one thing, and one thing only – getting your time-critical consignment to its destination in the absolutely fastest time possible.

OBC is the ultimate hand-carry service for your critical deliveries. With our OBC service, one of our highly experienced couriers personally collects and personally delivers your consignment to its final destination, ensuring the security and delivery timeframe of your consignment throughout.

At Kautt & Bux Logistics we can arrange a first-flight-out or next-flight-out service worldwide, with dedicated specialists on call at any time to fulfil your delivery requirements. We can additionally provide a fully-inclusive service which includes paperwork, customs clearance and VAT / Duty pre-payment. Through our international network of logistics partners, we can even pre-arrange onward transport for our courier to provide a true door-to-door service.

We have a depth of experience in providing On Board Courier services to a range of diverse clients, encompassing; Research Distribution deliveries for Investment Banks, critical aircraft parts for airlines, prototypes and trade samples for various concerns and commercial contracts and other urgent documentation for a number of top-tier corporates.

If you find yourself in a critical situation where the consequence of each hour’s delay can mean thousands of pounds in lost revenue, additional costs, or penalties, it is reassuring to know that Kautt & Bux has you covered.

Research Distribution

Research Distribution is a dedicated and fully Managed Service which the team at Kautt & Bux Logistics has specialised in for a number of years.

As Research Distribution specialists, our dedicated network is ready to fulfil your time-sensitive IPO, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Equities research, quickly, efficiently and dependably.

At Kautt & Bux we fully understand your requirements and provide you with a service that you can rely upon completely.

Our dedicated team will collect your research materials from your City printers at any time required - daytime, late evening or early hours. They will sort your materials ready for distribution and fulfilment and we will await and act on your final release confirmation.

Our experienced City Distribution Team ensures that we can meet the tightest same-day London delivery deadlines each and every time, whilst our cross-UK and International same-day networks will ensure that we can comfortably fulfil even within the most demanding time-constraints.

Along with the speed and dependability of our deliveries, we also recognise the value of a highly personalised service. We know that your precise requirements may vary slightly with every distribution batch and so we tailor every job to your specific requirements. We provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who will be your permanent point of contact for every Research Distribution run and who will report, follow-up and update on every proof-of delivery on your behalf…so you don’t have to.

We are dedicated to taking away the worry that can be associated with time-critical London, Nationwide and International Research Distribution deliveries. Our ethos is very much; ‘set us the task, tell us your requirements…and consider it done.’

Magazine Distribution

If you are looking for a flexible, cost-effective, and bespoke magazine distribution and logistics management solution for your print media, then Kautt & Bux Logistics have a range of services that will get your titles safely to their destination on time, every time.

Export Distribution

Our comprehensive solution is fully scalable and can accommodate the smallest shipments right up to bulk tonnage. We operate worldwide and our operation encompasses not only Air, Sea and Road Freight, but through our extensive network of international logistics partners, we can process the onward distribution of your titles to all major cities worldwide.

Import Distribution

For your incoming magazine distribution requirements, we operate a comprehensive import distribution service encompassing full logistics management from arrival in the UK through to delivery to wholesale hubs and individual retail outlets nationwide. Your shipments are managed by our specialist import team who have a considerable depth of experience in working with overseas distributors and publishers. Why take a chance with onward distribution once your consignment arrives? Just give us a call to ensure a timely and dedicated managed solution.

UK Newsstand Distribution

For a reliable, managed, distribution of your regular or Partwork titles, our network has the capacity to deliver. We can deliver to any networks of your named retailers and we are able to cover all frequencies from monthly, bi-weekly to dailies.

Warehousing & Pick-Pack-Ship

For safe and secure storage for all of your print titles and newsstand displays look no further. We offer unrivalled storage, both in the UK and in all major worldwide Capitals with accompanying pick-pack-ship fulfilment services. Now you can keep stock on hand so that you need never be faced with a deficit or shortfall. Our experienced UK team and international distribution network can fulfil dispatches from stock ranging from palletised bulk shipments, right down to batches of individual titles. For a managed service that really fulfils on your commitments, Kautt & Bux delivers.

For more information on any of the above magazine distribution services just give us a call. We are committed to providing the very best and most personalised service available.

Fashion & Retail Fulfilment

Today's business climate presents challenges for many companies and increasingly, it makes real sense for a range of non-core activities to be outsourced to professional enablers such as Kautt & Bux Logistics.

If you are looking to manage your operating costs more efficiently, enhance your bottom line and concentrate more on what you know best, then our flexible end-to-end fulfilment solutions could be the perfect fit for your needs.

Operating from our secure and modern facility we provide a fully scalable warehousing, logistics and distribution service which is accessible and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

Fashion Distribution

Specialising in high-end fashion logistics we deliver full end-to-end provision including:

  • Importing your stock, samples or show displays from Europe, North America and Asia.
  • Bespoke storage and delivery solutions including; palletised, boxed, poly-bagged or hanging rails. Fulfilment sizes ranging from one garment to one container.
  • Delivery of garments or displays to fashion show events or retail outlets.
  • Post show collection and follow-on forwarding, or return to storage.
  • Next flight out, onboard courier service, for mission-critical deliveries.

In fashion, one size certainly doesn't fit all, and that's why we tailor our solutions to your specific requirements. In a fast-moving and demanding industry with complex supply chains and tight deadlines...we've got you covered.

Retail Distribution

We provide a full retail distribution service for businesses that choose to outsource their requirements in this area. Notable benefits include:

  • Worldwide reach including importing from: North America, Canada, Europe and The Antipodes.
  • Full warehousing facilities including non-standard storage such as hanging-rail or irregular shaped/sized.
  • Short-term storage or cross-docking available.
  • Detailed, regular stock level, stock movement reporting.
  • Full pick-pack-ship services.
  • Express deliveries to retail outlets nationwide.

Because we know that your business needs can be liable to change at very short notice, you never have to enter into long-term contracts or agreements with us. Simply utilise whichever of our services meet your operational requirements for as long or short a time as suits.

You only ever pay for what you specifically use, enabling you to control costs to the penny. Your business also has complete flexibility in responding to fast-evolving requirements and opportunities.

If you would rather concentrate MORE on your business and LESS on logistics, then why not give us a call to find out how we can help you to move forward?

About Us

Our Team & Culture.

Kautt & Bux (Logistics) Ltd was formed when a group of colleagues and associates from various branches of Logistics, Courier and Freight Forwarding joined together with a vision of doing things a little bit differently for our clients.

Collectively our group had worked at some of the best-known operators in their fields, and consulted at many more, where we got to know how things worked, why they worked that way, and developed a vision of how we could provide a more customer-focussed and complete end-to-end solution for our clients.

We based our business model on really getting to know our customers and their needs and then providing a complete and personalised service from collection to delivery. We realised that because each client is very different, with very different requirements and timelines, a ‘one size fits all’ approach used by many others in the industry would be doing a great disservice for the majority of businesses, in terms of both cost and service.

By partnering with the many top class logistics networks out there and using our existing contacts we knew that we could structure a personalised service for every client which would suit their exact budget and service requirements…and so that’s what we did.

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